Want to know a secret? We are excited about what Zion Conservatory of Music is up to this year! Want to know why? We are excited because we know that music lessons help to make better students. Kids who study music do better in school — and in life!

The programs we have put together at ZCM are designed to foster musical growth for students of all ages in a Christ-centered, nurturing environment. The options of study include Preschool music classes, as well as individual or group instruction following one of three different tracks: The Music Certificate Program, the Music Builders Program, and the Music Enrichment Program. Our goal is to provide our students with musical experiences that will equip each one for a lifetime of music appreciation.

ZCM offers private music lessons for all ages.  Instruments taught include piano; strings – including violin, viola, and cello; voice, woodwinds – including flute, clarinet, and the saxophone family; brass – including trumpet, French Horn, baritone, trombone and tuba; guitar and percussion.

We encourage you to try us out! If you are in southeastern Wisconsin, or in or near Lake County, Illinois, take advantage of the opportunity to make music a part of your child’s (or your own) life experience, and watch what happens!

We look forward to seeing you in our classrooms, studios, and eventually on our auditorium stage as you begin to experience and share the joy of music.

Donna Poucher


Our Philosophy

The Zion Conservatory of Music is a Fine Arts Ministry of Christ Community Church. Christ Community Church has maintained the Conservatory for over 106 years as an expression of its vision to “enrich the wider body of Christ through God-glorifying music, worship and drama”.

The Zion Conservatory of Music embraces a mission that is based on the belief that every individual has the God-given capacity for artistic expression at some appropriate level of understanding and skill. Our mission is “to equip students to develop their God-given musical talents to be the best musicians they can be, to God’s glory, for a lifetime of musical activity, service, and appreciation.”

As a result we have a two-fold strategy:

  1. To offer gifted students opportunities to realize their highest potential as performing artists.
  2. To provide music education for all members of the community who desire it, regardless of age, professional intention or previous training

All Conservatory teachers have degrees in their field of music and/or significant professional experience. Each teacher expresses his/her Christian faith through a highly dedicated and excellent quality of teaching that is committed to the above two-fold mission of the Conservatory.