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Each instrument category (including voice) has its own unique curriculum. The curriculum is designed to guide the student’s progress through appropriate skill requirements and performance expectations. This progressive learning experience builds toward a performance competency. The process may involve performance exams, technique and sight-reading evaluations administered by faculty other than the student’s teacher. Recitals or other venues offer additional opportunities for musical evaluation. A minimum competency must be achieved in order to pass a given sub-level or division. Upon completion of the final division requirements, the student is awarded a Zion Conservatory of Music diploma.

The Music Certificate Program

The Music Certificate Program consists of a graded curriculum that guides the student through a progressive learning experience toward competency. Depending on the instrument, there are levels of achievement that move through Divisions and sub-levels. Graded performance exams are required to move from level to level, and culminating levels in each Division require a faculty recommendation to progress. A minimum of two recital performances per year is also required. This program can ultimately lead toward a Zion Conservatory diploma of graduation, including the option of a Pre-Collegiate diploma.


The Music Builders Program

The Music Builders Program awards students each year for progress achieved through an end of year non-graded hearing and an optional recital performance. Most students enrolling in ZCM will start out as Music Builders. When they are recommended by their teacher to take a graded performance exam, the student is permitted to enter the Music Certificate Program. A decision to enter the Music Certificate program is made upon recommendation of the teacher after lessons are underway. A student may remain as a Music Builder throughout all his/her years of study at the Conservatory.


The Music Enrichment Program

The Music Enrichment provides students of all ages with an opportunity to study their instrument of choice with a highly qualified instructor. This approach is typically for a shorter time commitment, allowing the student to explore the study of music without formal evaluations or performance requirements.


Which program is right for you?

The Music Certificate Program is for:

  • Students who practice diligently and find music to be an important part of their daily life, taking priority over other extracurricular activities.

  • Students who benefit from the added motivation of receiving an award or printed recognition of their accomplishments.

  • Students who enjoy setting and reaching goals.

  • Students who are interested in pursuing music in college should strongly consider participation in this program.

The Music Builders Program is for:

  • Students who need to set their own pace.

  • Students who find graded performance evaluation too stressful.

  • Students who are so busy with other activities and school work that music practice does not occur almost daily.

  • Students who are adults but still enjoy working for program rewards and an occasional performance opportunity.

The Music Enrichment Program is for:

  • Students of all ages who enjoy music but are still interested in lessons for personal musical enrichment.

  • Students of all ages who are looking for a short term coaching experience to refresh their skills.

  • Students who are so busy with other activities and school work that music practice does not occur almost daily.

  • Students exploring the possibility of longer term, more serious study; who want an introduction to music.


The Conservatory School Year:

The Conservatory year is based on 36 lessons per year, averaging four lessons per month.

The Conservatory is closed and does not hold lessons on the following holidays: Labor Day, Good Friday and Memorial Day, with breaks at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do not schedule a Spring Break, since our students come from a variety of school districts.

Performance exams and hearings occur both in January and May, depending on the instrument and program. Student recitals are usually held the third Monday of the month from October through May. The annual Commencement and Awards Ceremony is held in June, where students receive recognition for their accomplishments during the year, and graduating Music Certificate students are featured in performance. Please visit the Calendar page for the 2017-2018 Conservatory Calendar.

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